Wanting sexy lips is not an uncommon demand. In a world where appearance is everything, sexy Cherry lips form an integral part of looking beautiful and attractive.

Maybe because it reminds me of the toddlers I nanny and their nasty slobbering all day. I don't know how many times I can say, "Wipe your mouth."

Red heart, lips <3

Love the shading- and the cherrie

Sexy Red Lip Perfection


gun smoke

red red red

Red www.brayola.com

Rose Red is outspoken, cheerful and loves to play. She dreamed of her prince as she held a red rose…only a dream: the man who gave her the flower.…the red, red rose. With lips that shamed that red, red rose…Dreaming of true love in slumber repose. One day he will come…

The most beautiful word on the lips of a woman in love is the word "kiss me" and the hottest call : "I love you"...tx

Pink Lips & Cherry

Dark red lips

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princess in Red


Beautiful pic :)

Cherries and Snow

ruby red lips

yeah right...seriously... who thought this was a good idea... and fashionable?

Red lips