Rubble Wall by AGA~mum, via Flickr

Planted Pockets Give Life to Stone Walls

Rock garden designed by my mom

Succulent Garden Wall Idea

Build a Dry-Stacked Stone Retaining Wall. A stone wall assembled without mortar has a lot of crevices to plant in

Love the low dry stacked wall with gravel for a walkway.

Echeveria secunda in rock wall by Sweetstuff "Candy", via Flickr

How To Build a Retaining Wall with Drainage DIY Project | Homesteading Gardening

If I ever get my rock wall......I am so doing this

We need to plant ground cover on and around the retaining walls.

Creeping Thyme, great for rock walls, nooks and crannies...

trailing wall duncan garden spokane washington (passing out, this is so gorgeous!!!)

stone wall

Retaining walls specifically designed to recreate the look of stacked rock walls

Have a seat...very cool for the retaining wall in your garden or yard

Stone walls + more than 100 boxwoods = garden perfection

Stack bags of dry concrete in a row, then wet down the bags for a week or until the concrete hardens, tear off paper.

Succulent wall.

lovely idea to keep dogs out of the garden!! Garden Border Fencing - Decorative Edging with Flowers, Set of 3