Vent wall, stephenorr_napa

vertical farm

I love succulents! Need to make this.

Albuquerque Xeriscape - website has drought tolerant plants~how to keep the rabbits and ground squirrels away?!

Desert garden...not that I need a desert garden but this same idea with succulents would work great on my backyard hill!

succulent wall tray.

<3 the colors

Succulents for wall

Indoor Succulent Garden - Mini Magnet Holiday Succulent Garden


I love succulents, they have low water requirements and come in such beautiful shapes and colors. I skip cacti, though. I've had some bad experiences with thorns.

Great container garden plants? Succulents! Our container garden is full of succulents…so beautiful and carefree.

DIY Living Wall by Renee Garner via modishblog #Living_Wall #Garden #Renee_Garner #modoishblog

Cute idea for hen and chicks. I have a bunch of bricks leftover from when they built our house...just no place to put them.

Flora Grubb

Beautiful, colorful, drought tolerant plants

15 Succulent Cuttings succulent clippings succulent plants colorful succulent cuttings bulk succulents wholesale succulent plants (9.99 USD) by 5starsucculents