Concrete balls in the garden...just beautiful!

Great how to make concrete garden balls

DIY Concrete Garden Projects • Ideas Tutorials!

Succulents are an awesome way to add excitement to your home garden. Make succulents ball -->

diy concrete garden globes... We all love those garden ornaments, but they can be pretty expensive anywhere you look. Here at TGG we decided to make our own DIY concrete garden globes, and it turned out to be a fun and rewarding project.

Instructions to make hollow concrete spheres for the garden. Don't be fooled by the dull photo, you'll want to make one of these too. I'm going to put a fountain in mine.

Garden art. An old bowling ball, grout and rocks. How easy.

Hypertufa - use a beach ball or an exercise ball for larger spheres.

DIY Concrete Garden Spheres

greencube garden and landscape design, UK: Sculpture in the garden, greencube designs a sculptural ball garden

Succulents and rocks for added texture and dimension. Love it!

Glass Gazing Ball, Fountain? Magical!

Great Gardens & Ideas - this is mosaic, but would dress up my concrete patio in paint!

OOOHHH!!!! I want to make this too; but how?! I'm thinking two inflatable beach balls. Cut the top off of one and fill with concrete mix, then blow the other up inside of that and make sure the concrete sets up ALL around. Great idea!! Gotta try it!

DIY:: Low Cost Concrete Garden Path !

6 steps to a no-work cottage garden

garden sculpture

Shade gardens, rock gardens, interesting rock integration into gardens/containers