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Having a Baby in Norway Part 13: Returning to work after parental leave

Having a Baby in Norway Part Returning to work after parental leave

((: FARMS HEALTHY 4 THE MENTALLY ILL :)) OVER 100 EXPERTS from 14 countries met in Stavanger, Norway, to learn about Green Care, a concept that combines farming, teaching, health care. According to broadcasting company NRK, some who have been mentally ill FOR YEARS no longer need to be institutionalized when they start doing farm work! :)) More than 600 traditional farms in Norway cooperate w/ Green Care, for which they receive extra income. Watching the World Awake!—2007 Jw.org

I live in a concrete jungle (no yard at all) so everything is grown in flower pots and the planter boxes my husband made for me.

This absolutely breathtaking architecture is located in Stavanger, Norway and is the home of the Stavanger Waldorf School (Stavanger Steiner Skole). Today there is so much focus on the health of our school buildings, boring

Yes, your children can actually experience a beautiful School

The Special by David Stavanger: Reviewed by Maxine Beneba Clarke. "David shares five definitions of ‘special’. These include ‘sweetheart’, ‘other than the usual’, and ‘to observe a suicidal or psychotic mental health in-patient overnight with limited support or sleep’. It’s our assumption that this definition is true to Stavanger that makes our poetic journey all the more remarkable." http://www.readings.com.au/review/the-special-by-david-stavanger

David Stavanger’s The Special, winner of the 2013 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize, has been described by the English poet Jacob Polley as a ‘collection of curious wisdoms’, and by Australian writer Anna Krien as the ‘dark mad place at where ‘Stava…

Infografikk om NET-kreft. CarciNor har sett på epidemiologi for NET-kreft. ‪#‎nevroendokrin‬ Epidemiologi er studiet av helsetilstand og sykdomsutbredelse i en befolkning, og av årsaker til sykdom og død (Store norske leksikon). Les mer i CarciNors blogg https://carcinor.wordpress.com/…/epidemiologi-for-net-kre…/…

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Dr. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, environmental toxicologist, will be awarded the 2015 Rachel Carson Prize for her work highlighting the impact of war on the environment and public health. The prize will be presented in Stavanger, at the Culture House Sølvberget, by Ms. Christine Sagen Helgø, Mayor of Stavanger, Norway. Here is one of her papers on the subject for which she won the award: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00128-012-0817-2/fulltext.html

Mozhgan Savabieasfahani credited with bringing public attention to connection between rising birth defects and military burn pits

Cermaq has entered into an agreement to sell its grain silos located in Stavanger habour to Felleskjøpet Agri. - See more at: http://aquaculturedirectory.co.uk/cermaq-sells-grain-silos-stavanger-felleskjopet/#sthash.dTcUofbV.dpuf

As a part of Cermaq’s preventive fish health strategy, we have through regular testing detected ISA virus in fish in two pens at the farming site Langøyhovden in Nordland, Norway.

The face of the Viste boy was reconstructed using laser scans of skull fragments, combined with a digital 3D model of a modern 15-year-old boy's skull

Boy from 5,500 BC: Researchers use forensics to rebuild face of Stone Age teenager

Jenny Barber - 15 year old Viste Boy lived in a cave near Stavanger in Norway years ago as part of a clan of ten to fifteen people. He was a stocky, robust lad in apparently good health when he died of an unknown cause.