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Planes, Trains & Automobiles Photos of the most popular forms of transportation in recent history including planes, trains, cars, ships and more.

The Staver automobile was made in Chicago by the Staver Carriage Company from 1907 through 1914. This photo was taken at the Riverview Park in Chicago in 1911.

Thelma Stickland & Bonnie Ward on top of their 1940s (Packard?) automobile in Roswell Georgia.

Checkout this photo collection of automobiles and classic cars:

We think modern car accidents are a mess! This Library of Congress photo from 1923 is labeled as being "Assistant P.M.S. Barlett's car". I don't know who Bartlett was, but I hope he wasn't driving! Original post:

What an automobile! The Crossan family out for a drive with the family dog taken outside their home on the Thames River, London circa 1930. Original:

Carol David Maloff modeling on top of her Plymouth in San Clemente, CA 1958. Does anyone recognize the model - is it a Plymouth Savoy?

Great snapshot of an Indian motorcycle with side car taken sometime around the 1920's in New Mexico. More:

William Cooper with his wife Mabel Wetmon and son Cyril taken in Vancouver Canada in 1914. We love these family photos where clearly the 'star' of the photo is the car ;) Original:

This is one cool photo! Julian Skelton, President of the Rome Shrine Club and member of the motor corps., on top of his Harley Davidson. Original: