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TOUCH THE SPIDER! release their first double CD "I spit on your grave" with 28 songs. TOUCH THE SPIDER! mix elements of the 70th with Gothic, Doom and Psychedelic. They are inspired by Joy Division, early Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Saint Vitus. An emotionally thick and entirely developed atmosphere evolves from the melancholic and at the same time catchy sound. Feels like Black Sabbath jamming with Joy Division.

15/03/2013 : Touch The Spider! - Generation Zombie Conclusion: "Zombie Generation" was again a very strong album from Touch The Spider!

Touch The Spider! unerringly go their own way and present in top form their 6th album: Blood on the Wallpaper The new album comes dark and powerful. A frontal attack on entrenched listening habits. Blood on the Wallpaper 14 hymns to the gloom... 14 messages from the juggernaut... 14 trails of blood...

"With really low tuned and severely distorted guitars, wailing, electronically adapted vocals and the corresponding chords Touch The Spider! create a nightmarish, oppressive atmosphere ... Haunting songs like "Dark Side of Love", "Ghost City", "Tomb Of Despair" or "My Melancholy" chase you and get under your skin at least by the third listening..." (Translated excerpt)

The really strong side of Touch The Spider! is their ability to make air guitar and head banging friendly songs. They do indeed seem to borrow a little from here and there, but the result seems to be a mixture that portrays the best sides of rock.

Free album download: DEAD@LAST As goodie there’s the CD - DEAD@LAST - for free: DEAD@LAST 13 malign tracks made it on our new album. DEAD@LAST is grim, disturbing, experimental. A hike through a maze of despair and hopelessness. Darker than death, the CD is steeped in horror.

“A reinvention of proto doom! And this time I feel comfortable calling the release a proto doom album. 'Tales of woe' is heavier and gloomier than its predecessors ... a release which is to become a classic in its own genre.”

Podcast 157 - Zombie Generation ...I don't need no conversation The mood of the CD "Generation Zombie" brings harder stuff. "Zombie Generation" is the 8th track on "Generation Zombie". This week our "Touch The Spider! Podcast" presents the song "Zombie Generation". or

Podcast 186 - No Room in Hell I’m a zombie with a one track mind... This week our "Touch The Spider! Podcast" presents the song "No Room in Hell". No Room in Hell is taken from the CD-album Tales of woe. We recorded the song in November 2009. or

Podcast 132 - Twisted Heart … feeling like a clown This week our “Touch The Spider! Podcast” presents the song “Twisted Heart”. Touch The Spider! pack a wallop: The mood of their 5th CD Generation Zombie brings harder stuff. Twisted Heart is the 1st Track on Generation Zombie. We recorded the song in November 2009. Last Tracks added October 2011. or