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Rare black bear cub with odd coloring might be a ‘spirit bear’

Adorable 5-month-old bear cub with white fur was spotted in Whistler, B.C. Experts say it is either an albino or a Kermode bear, or spirit bear.


In Alaska, wood frogs freeze for seven months, thaw and hop away

~~Each September, the wood frogs of Alaska do a very strange thing: They freeze.They do not freeze totally solid, but they do freeze mostly solid for seven months, then they thaw and hop away | LA Times~~

HousE oF EntertainmenTfrom HousE oF EntertainmenT

Most interesting houses from the world

Most Interesting Houses in the World | odd_houses23 I just love this. Hopefully the dragon never comes to life.

Daily Odd Compliment: You know what the difference is between you and a narwhal, aside from your physical features, dietary habits, social skills, mating rituals, interests, intelligence and reading level? Nothing. Because you are both amazing. Isn't that crazy? You're like twins.

aphanitic (fine-grained) igneous 'bomb' ejected from volcano and shaped in part by the wind.

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Community Post: 17 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

The fairies from The Fairly Odd Parents are actually metaphors for andt-depressants. Wanda is Prozac and Cosmo is Zoloft. | Community Post: 17 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

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Portraits of tribal chiefs and hunters from Alberta's First Nations

Captivating: His images at the beginning of the 20th century show the tribes on the brink of change. Pictured Spring Chief poses for a portrait

My daughter sleep walks. Found her stacking 25 books in front of her bedroom door. She turns and says, "They are here. You need to hide now." I hid. I always heed her warnings.

Ok.. i pinned from the site but found this on a board used by a elementary teacher.. she had this listed as a fantastic reference guide.. I say it's not just offensive it's DISGUSTING! & WRONG!. Look closely.. since when is poverty a behavior/mental heath issue! "Oh your mommy and daddy are poor, ah its to bad that makes you unable to be taught" ARE YOU F#*!*^# SERIOUS!

We warned Target this would happen...and it did - Boycott Target and sign the Boycott Pledge here

It’s no wonder Mrs. Bennet gushed about Elizabeth’s engagement: How rich and how great you will be! What pin-money, what jewels, what carriages you will have!


Fairly Odd Parents And Danny Phantom…

Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom. WOW! I use to love both of those cartoons!! Wow!! :) Mind = blown