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Explore 2013 Q3, Scheduled Delivery, and more!

ebay 2013 Q3 results - completing the puzzle in local commerce with ebay now, shutl, in store pickup, scheduled delivery and now on ebay

What Your Social Web Use Says About Your Politics In One Chart

Can this be true? xkcd fb likers support Obama while those that 'like' paypal and ebay are romney supporters? hmm...

After 17 Years, eBay Debuts A New, Sleeker

Super cool infographic showing impressive eBay stats--100 million mobile app downloads and 70% of listings are new items. Cool!

How much did the 2008 Danny Woodhead rookie card sell for on eBay? The following infographic provides an interesting look at the newest member of the Chargers. More info on Woodhead at

Online is not cannibalising high street sales, according to an eBay study carried out by Deloitte. We surmise the main findings of the omnichannel retail report # Omnichannel Indonesia # E Commerce Indonesia