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HOMEMADE COSTUME WINGSWings are a fun thing any time of year. The authors explain how easy it is to create your own butterfly, angel or fairy wings.

In this step by step show you how to build a simple and beautiful fairy wings, an accessory That Can not miss in the bahul of the costumes

Every little girl loves faires, you can make your own homemade fairy princess dress ups and girls games by creating these simple fairy wings for your little fairy princess. You could use two more wire hangers and create two bottom wings too

¿Tu pequeñito saldrá de ángel en la pastorela de la escuela? ¿Qué te parece esta increíble idea?

Fairy Tales Curly Q gel is my favorite for my little girls red curls. It makes her hair go from just sort of wavy to ringlets in a matter of seconds, and it's not at all sticky.