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Turkish Van Cat. This breed likes water and swims!

Turkish Van cat photographed in Anderlecht, Belgium - travelling-cats.b...

Turkish Van kittens are super intelligent & super active.... Just found out my Max is actually a Turkish Van... one more reason for me to be way too obsessed with him :)

The Turkish Van is a big, beautiful cat with distinctive markings on its head and tail and an unusual love of water. Also known as the swimming cat, the Van loves to paddle its paws in streams, fish for its supper and even take a cooling dip in your bath. The one breed of cat I'd love to have!

"I will not look directly at the camera." "Why?" "Because then I will be put on Pinterest." :)

∙✧ the sun will rise and we will try again ✧∙

two things I'm a sucker for: kittens & blue eyes

family portrait, love it....."We're just waiting on the hamster." "Where is he anyway?" "I think this is his yoga day." "Oh."