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  • Amanda Rose

    Cleaning glass stovetop with baking soda

  • Odelly Ocasio

    Baking soda + hot water to clean glass top stoves

  • Julie Kneifl

    cleaning glass cooktop - perfect idea! I've always hated when we move into a house with a glass top stove. I WILL do this today.

  • Misty Moesser

    Cleaning Glass Cooktop: 1. hot/soapy water 2. rag 3. baking soda sprinkle baking soda on stove top liberally. Get rag wet in hot/soapy water, squeeze out some water. Let rage lay on stove 15 min then scrub clean.

  • K Terrell

    Baking Soda and hot water to clean glass top!!! Love it!! must try this for cleaning tip for the smooth cooktop.

  • Beverly Hunt Kittle

    - Cleaning Glass Cook Top: - Sprinkle Stove Top with Baking Soda. - We rag in hot, Dish Soapy water. - Lay it over the Baking Soda, & wait 15 minutes. - Use Rag as Scrubber. - Works on Glass Window of OVEN , -

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