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    Petoskey stones are actually petrified coral, and are only found in pure Michigan

  • Terra Reed

    Petosky stone! Michigan's state stone. looking for these stones on the shore of Lake Michigan is great fun

  • Sharry Castillo

    The Petoskey stone , Michigan's state stone, was born as coral approximately 400 million years ago, when a shallow sea covered Michigan. Over time, the coral fossilized and now washes up on beaches and peeks through road grades across Northwest MI. Legend has it that the stone was named after Chief Pet-o-se-ga, whose name meant "rays of rising sun." It makes sense: the Petoskey stone's interconnecting patterns look like little sunbursts.

  • Jennifer Zimmer

    Petoskey stones, only found in Michigan. Listed in Coastal Living, March 2011 as one of the best Beach combing beachs. Northern Michigan, around the cities of Peroskey and Charlevoix, where the gray-and-white fossilized pieces of coral. Each spring, Lake Michigan's melting ice unearths new pieces. Visit Peroksy state park for camping, hiking, the scenic bay beach. 800-447-2757, michigan.gov/dnr.

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