The 19 Cent Cupcake - No Box Mix or Canned Frosting Required (from Cupcake Project -

The 19 Cent Cupcake - No Box Mix or Canned Frosting Required (Banana Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Frosting) Add a scoop of homemade banana ice cream for an extra 14 cents per scoop! :) OK Jennifer we need to make these.

Vegan Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

Luscious low-fat lemon cheesecake aka Sinless Cheesecake - uses light cream cheese and greek yogurt

Blueberry Banana Bread! A healthy alternative to traditional breads made with oil, and includes Greek yogurt and bananas to create a delicious moist bread that you will not be able to stop eating!

Easy, delicious and healthy Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread.

Heart of Gold: Almond Donut Cookies

Almond Donut Cookies - A perfect cross between a donut and a light cookie with a great texture, thanks to the almond flour. The finishing touch is a shower of powdered sugar to create a cookie/donut that is perfect alongside a cup of coffee!

Golden Orange Cupcakes Recipe from Taste of Home -- shared by Helen Hassler of Denver, Pennsylvania

Golden Orange Cupcakes

Golden Orange Cupcakes Recipe- Recipes Citrus lovers will vow they've gone to cupcake heaven when they sample this recipe. To up the sunny flavor, add a teaspoon of orange extract in place of vanilla.

CAKE RECIPES FROM SCRATCH | The Very Best Vanilla Cake Recipe

Our Top 12 Baking Tips When serving a crowd, cut a circle in the center (place a small bowl on the cake and trace around it). Then cut the outer ring into slices. You'll have nice square pieces that fit on a plate.

Peanut Butter-Chocolate Banana Cream Pie ----- Click Here for Recipe

Peanut-butter chocolate banana cream pie

Meet a mouth watering sensation with our Peanut Butter-Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. This Peanut-Butter Chocolate Banana Cream Pie is one not to be missed.

Marguerita cupcakes

Tracey's Margarita Cupcakes topped with Tequila-Lime Buttercream and garnished with a lime zest, lime wedge and sprinkled with salt look so pretty and taste