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Need to reinforce the Fence, Neighbor, Just a little! I know that You have worked very hard sitting at the Call Center, so It just may take more Energy than My Neighbor, can muster Up, in stored Body Cells, let alone the Brain Cells it takes to do any Figuring, in Calculations!


Husky after a bath…

Husky after bath... LOL I couldn't stop laughing. Every time I read this, I start laughing all over again. LOL

I just pinned it because it's FUNNY!!!! Look at that!!!! How in the WORLD can you not laugh and smile? LOL!

from BarkPost

11 Comments That Make Dog Owners Cringe

Sometimes your home can become the most entertaining place on earth #animals #humor #funny


Law defying husky…

I did not know about this until now. I am now left intrigued and wish to know more about these "gravity-defying" huskies! :D