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i cannot even begin to describe how much i want to whistle real loud and then yell "TAXI". it would make my life. Check!

Done! Now we have to see if I can down a whole Uno's or Lou Malnati's deep thats a challenge

Some things you just have to do...just so you can say you did them:)

Have a natural birth... my first 2 were with an epidural.... I am seriously considering our last one to be natural! We shall see....!!

Fall in love with someone that's my exact opposite (Again, accomplished! ♥)

I normally just have California rolls, but a few years ago at Camp Invention, Grace B. had sushi nearly everyday in her lunch (her aunt, who had just moved from Korea, made them for her) and also gave me one.

Louisville Zoo. Age 2. There are pics to prove it :) [this doesn't count when I rode from the Middle East to America on a camel]

Done! 2007, moved in with my husband and his mother. Then, shortly after, moved into our own apartment. (:

haha I didn't even know this existed... but yes, I would like to try a few of the recipes. hopefully they aren't too crazy. :D

I am halfway there. I get to a certain point and then chop it off. And i always hate myself afterwards

I love giraffes! They have beautiful eyes and so soft fur! Bush Gardens is where you can hand fees them!

Teheee. Definitely did this at 16. But it was awesome.