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Washington Postfrom Washington Post

Would the Facebook IPO have bombed if Mark Zuckerberg had an MBA?

If it’s all about the ad dollars, cranking out the blockbuster hits and achieving online celebrity, then we’ll know that the moguls with hoodies are no different than the moguls in pinstripe suits...

Mashablefrom Mashable

Artists: SOPA Would Hurt More Than Help

Author says, "This bill turns us all into criminals. If it passes, then you either stop using the Internet, or you simply hope that you never end up in the crosshairs, because if you’re targeted, you will be destroyed by this bill. You don’t have to be a big, mean, nasty criminal — common Internet usage is effectively criminalized under this law. This bill will kill American innovation and development of the Internet, as it will become too risky to do anything of value. It is toxic and dangerous, and should not, under any circumstances, be supported."


Maximizing Blog Exposure : Amber Mac

Maximizing Blog Exposure