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butterfly pyrex-i haven't ever seen this pattern

The square blossom design first appeared during the mid 1960s on golden brown 470/480 casseroles named Autumn Floral. The green version was available from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, but exact dates are not known.

i wish when i opened my cabinets i saw this! I love vintage dishes and bakewear.

My favorite salad bowl came from this set. I think of my grandma Bo each time I use it. It's white with a blue green design. My mother has the larger blue with white design bowl.

Vintage pyrex in all the fun colors! I myself have one small green pyrex bowl I have borrowed from my grandma and keep forgetting to give back. I use it all the time!

Pyrex...yes, I have these! They are still just as nice as they were when I got them in 1978!

pyrex . I have two sets. One of my grandmothers and the other my mama's. I sure my kids don't get it!

pyrex I love the design on this set. never seen it before.

vintage pyrex, pretty bird art on the wall.