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  • Josh Gordon

    He-Man! The most powerful man in the universe!!!!!

  • Allison Fischer

    He Man Song... Everyone has got to click on this and watch it. So funny!!

  • Jessie Smith

    20 Funniest YouTube Videos According to Reddit - these are HYSTERICAL!!

  • James Stedman

    Second best song what ever existed...

  • Cameron Fillers

    This music video is freaking awesome. A rendition of the Hey Ya! Song, done with images and video from the He-Man universe. Well worth watching and checkin

  • Kayla Spies

    Makes me laugh every time

  • Elyse Nicole

    HEYEYEYEYEYEA! He Man Style.

  • Tessie Bu

    What's Up (Hey, What's Going On) #funny #humor #the 90's

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It starts out funny but then, when you really start thinking about it, it's terrifying. Seriously. I'm out there in the dating world. All my first dates happen in VERY public places and I take pepper spray with me, fucking pepper spray, why is that necessary? Oh right because I don't dare trust that the man I'm going out with has been taught that sexual assault is wrong.