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Nami-Nami's all-time favourite banana bread (with no added fat!)

NAMI-NAMI: a food blog

Korvapuusti (a Finnish cinnamon roll) @ Nami-Nami

NAMI-NAMI: a food blog: Estonian desserts: Kaeraküpsised, my favourite oat cookies in the world

Mustikakook. Blueberry cake. by Pille - Nami-nami, via Flickr

nami-nami: a food blog: Estonian Deviled Eggs Recipe

nami-nami: a food blog: Caraway teacake

NAMI-NAMI: a food blog: A recipe for meekook aka Estonian honey cake

nami-nami: a food blog: Recipe for Mozzarella Stuffed Peppers

Estonian style sauerkraut with pork and barley (mulgikapsad/Mulgi kapsad) by Pille @ Nami-Nami

Estonian Soda Bread / Odrajahu-hapupiimakarask by Pille - Nami-nami, via Flickr

NAMI-NAMI: a food blog: Estonian Strawberry Roulade (Berry Swiss Roll)

Purukook / Estonian crumb cake by Pille - Nami-nami, via Flickr

The Best Banana Bread (ever).

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Banana Pumpkin Bread

Pecan Banana Bread #recipe

Ahjustrooganov / Oven-baked pork stroganoff with mayonnaise by Pille - Nami-nami

Gingersnap cookies with oats (and no eggs), from nami-nami.

Potato bread with roasted onions.

Apple Pie Bread #recipe