DIY glitter keys - for all those times you can't seem to tell one key from the next. - Continued!

blinged keys

DIY glitter vases from The Sweetest Occasion

Mix Mod podge with glitter. Paint on whatever you want to sparkle. - This could be dangerous! I want EVERYTHING to sparkle!!!!

paint vintage keys with nail polish for enameled look, then tie to old ribbon/chain for instant necklace.

Everyone should start carrying around glitter eggs. Whenever you have a bad day, just smash one on the ground or into a tree and smile at all the glitter raining down! -- Confetti Egg Game

DIY Key chain

diy glitter keys


glue the buttons to a balloon and then pop the balloon once the glue dries to make a button bowl

43 different things to add glitter to...

cut your home state out on glitter paper and glue to canvas.

how to glitter something with out the glitter falling off!!!

DIY Painted Driftwood Key Hook with step-by-step instructions.

Glitter light switch plate!