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June Moons, Celebrated Days (and other ephemera)

“Who comes with Summer to this earth, And owes to June her hour of birth. With ring of agate on her hand, Can health, wealth and long life command.” HERA/June Celebrations and Holy Days 4—New Moon in Gemini 5—Earth Mother Day 11—Fortuna's Day 13—Feast of Epona/Minerva's Day 14- Birthday of the Muses 16—Night of the Teardrop 20—Full Moon in Sagittarius 21—Summer Solstice/Litha 23—Green Man Day 27—The Lares/Household protectors 29—Shiva Day/Herb Harvestin...

Whats Your Moon Sign? Ask me one question about It! XOXO °Meaning of the Moon's phases

2017 lunar moon phases with astrological influence. To get a personal insight for each moon phase, see what house the moon's astrology sign falls into on your natal chart.

Make your magic more powerful by making the themes according to the Moon phases. During the new moon, begin new projects . During a waxing moon, grow or increase things in your life. During the full moon, charge your tools and crystals, re-charge yourself with the powerful healing energy of the moon. During the waning moon, get rid of things, and decrease things.

Happy New Moon! Tonight I'll be honoring The #Moon and myself with a Moon #Ritual Bath. How will you be honoring this #sacred time of reNEWal?

Full Moons for 2016 (I noticed a correction for August 2016, full moon is Aug. 18th). Yes, there are two new moons in Sept. 2016, Blue Moon on the 30th!

2017 Full Moon Calendar tree of life Mandala- lunar calendar 8"x11

2016 Full Moon Calendar tree of life Mandala by SoulArteEclectica Available on my etsy site, for $8.50