dinner with my editor

So true

Cow humor- putting a joke of the day on the projector when your students walk in.

I don't know Why but this makes me laugh so hard Lol

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Oh no, they didn't! But I'm glad they did lol

#comma #apostrophe #grammar #English

*Falls out of chair laughing* YES!!! As a writer this rings with so much truth for me!! Oh goodness... *continues to laugh* oh... I think I'm dying now. XDDD

two things i love: lord of the rings (specifically gollum) and mocking pop culture.


<3 Funnies

i love your accent

It gets funnier the longer you look at it.

Oh, my goodness! LOL No hope, no cash, no jobs, please don´t die or there will be no bacon - so funny.


Sam I am. That Sam I am. He fed me contaminated Green Eggs & Ham...or maybe I just should have eaten them when he first offered them. They easily sat around for 4-5 hours with all that activity. Just sayin'.

book humor

*thumbs up*

You're old if you think this is funny! LOL!!