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Marigold is well known as a remedy for burns, cuts, insect bites and bruises. Marigold flowers are used to make a lotion for sprains and wounds. Marigold cream treats hemorrhoids and infant bums to help fight diaper rash. Marigold oil can be used in skin care and body massage; it can also be applied directly to a damaged skin area. Add the fresh flowers to coconut oil to make an ointment which helps in healing athletes foot, nose scabs, varicose veins and skin infections. herb-of-th

The marigold has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties. It is also excellent in healing burns, stings & impetigo. Marigolds are wonderful in treating warts, corns & calluses. The flowers are also used in the treatment of many skin conditions from eczema to varicose ulcers. The marigold can be juiced from fresh flowers & leaves or made into a tea using dried flowers. The tea purifies the blood while helping expel worms, herpes or Hepatitis. #dherbs #healthtips

Comfrey Infused Grapeseed Oil to be used in my salve, cream and lotion recipes. I like to apply the salve to acne scars and inflamed skin rashes. The magic of Comfrey is from the active component contained in the leaf and root called allantoin which helps to boost the production of new skin cells. In fact it works so fast that you should NEVER use it on open wounds, dirty wounds or broken skin.

You Can Make a Creamy Body Moisturizer! (Jenni Rain Cloud...Homebody Extraordinaire)

You Can Make a Creamy Body Moisturizer! EASY recipe that is great for super dry skin!

The right skin care oils normalize oily skin, clear acne and improve skin tone and texture. Learn how to use these top 8 skincare oils for glowing skin.

Without a doubt, one of the best things I ever did for my skin was to start making my own scrubs. The stuff at the store is chock full of stuff that's bad for your skin - all sorts of chemicals and alcohol. Yuck. Do your skin a favor... Go out and buy a mason jar. Add coarse sea salt, olive oil, almond oil, and if you can find it - jojoba oil. Use daily. Love your skin again. I add the olive oil and jojoba oil first to the salt and then add as much almond oil as I need to make it smell…

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Pure 100% natural detoxifying rhassoul clay for washing the hair face and body. Replaces soap, shampoo, conditioner & cleanser. The best skin detox. Suits all skin types.