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I have an obssesive need to find the perfect craft table and this is pretty much it! big enough to use for cutting fabric and and crafts!! I would like the the backround cabinets to have doors on them though.

I am absolutely in love with working in a neutral environment. It lets my creativity go crazy!

inspiring workspaces by the style files, via Flickr

I know it's a workroom, but it has the feeling I want for my kitchen :-) Shelves full of bottles and jars, filled with odd and interesting things, potions and lotions and powders and stuff...

Polaroid walls. This could be part of a really cool teen's room. Each time they have a birthday party, give them a couple of Polaroid cameras & 10 packs of film.

floor to ceiling a must in small room, as is half behind closed doors

Shabby chic @ Gail Mosher McCluskey, this would be cute for a little girl's room. Desk instead of sewing machine. Child size table and chairs. I could see this for Emma

Original pinner said ... love the chevron wall for a girls room. It could be simple and cute enough to stay throughout her childhood and even teen years! I've been asking to paint my room very similar to this ! :)

“I believe that the delicacy and tenderness of some of the materials I use have similar qualities to human emotion, human condition. The objects can be physically fragile; they age, crack, break, fade.” Mari Anders' studio ALSO: Andrews’ studio.

love the organization and the single colors scheme: makes it all look finished even though the various boxes and baskets do NOT actually match.

It is possible to have a lot of stuff in one space and yet not look cluttered! They have kept everything else in the room around this wall collection simple. The throw pillows help it relate to the rest of the room.