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    #DidYouKnow WSR-88D, Doppler radar, measures both precipitation and the speed and direction of winds within severe storms to help provide advance warning? Learn more: #Oklahoma

    #DidYouKnow ... Mysteriously hidden under the Delmarva Peninsula is the largest meteorite crater in the U.S. How did the impact change the course of rivers and create the Chesapeake Bay? What fascinating creatures seek its depths? Find out here: #Virginia #Meteorite

    On April 12, 1934, an incredible 231-mph surface wind was recorded coming from the southeast at the Mount Washington Observatory. This was the highest natural surface-wind velocity ever officially recorded by means of an anemometer, anywhere. Find out more:

    With more than 348 miles of surveyed passage, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is easily the longest cave known in the world. It's grand passages, locally known as "avenues", are laid out in such neat grids that you might imagine they were the design of a city architect. #Caves

    Did you know that Musical sounds released from the sand in select places around the world have puzzled people for centuries. How does walking upon the sand of this Canadian beach create the sounds of music? #Beach

    The ice roads are so important to the mines that many of them work together to build the roads, maintain them and manage them. They make sure truckers follow the rules and drive safely.

    Who Travels On The Ice Roads? Dog sleds, automobiles, large trucks (even U-Haul trucks!) travel over the ice roads. But by far, the most frequent travelers on the ice roads are the truckers who supply northern communities and industries with supplies.

    Ice roads are usually ready to open in January. Then they are constantly monitored for safety. It is extremely important that all drivers follow the rules of the road for the safety of everyone traveling on the roads. #ice roads #truck #Canada

    The ice roads are also called winter roads. That's because they simply do not exist during the warmer months of the year. Here's how the building process starts: around mid-November every winter, the temperature drops, the lakes freeze over, the marshy areas turn solid and the land surface is frozen. #ice roads, #trucking #Canada

    In the Northwest Territories of Canada, people cleverly travel over the ice that covers the land much of the year instead of building costly roads which could be used only rarely. #ice roads, #trucking #Canada

    If you wonder why they must be built every winter you must first know that the ice roads melt away every spring! #Iceroads #trucking #Canada

    Northwest Territories of Canada in North America is located in a polar zone which makes it a perfect place to build ice roads. #Canada #Iceroads #Trucking

    Did you know that there is a giant meteor impact crater hidden underneath the fields of Iowa? Learn more

    Black-and-white disk used to measure Clarity by Scientist Crater Lake. #Science #Craterlake Learn More:

    The fossilized remains several different types of plants and animals have been unearthed at Gray Fossil Site and, to date. #Fossils Learn More:

    Edwin Hubble: An American astronomer who gave support to the Big Bang Theory with his observations that the universe was expanding. Learn More facts about the Hubble. #Space #Hubble

    #Space #Hubble #Science

    #Space #Hubble #Science

    Hubble sees the universe with incredible clarity. It is designed to see the heavens 10 times more clearly than any telescope on Earth and is able to see objects one-billionth as bright as the human eye. #Science #Telescope #Space

    Green Bank leading us to life in space. The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope is named for Senator Robert C. Byrd. #Science #Telescope #Space

    Green Bank leading us to life in space. #Science #Telescope #Space

    Colorado SuperGraphic dedicated to the NOAA Space Environment Center in Boulder, CO. #Science #Supergraphic #Space #NOAA

    An eruption from a solar flare can be as dangerous to astronauts in outer space as any nuclear blast is to humans on earth. photo courtesy of NASA Image Exchange Learn more about Solar effects on Earth. #Solar #Astronauts #Science

    Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) shows a sinuous looping band of airglow above the Earth Limb. Learn more about Solar effects on Earth. #solar #storm #Aurora #Science