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I Googled two of my favorite things: Firefly, (the TV show), and Peanuts, (the comic strip), and actually found something...what!? This is either way cool or totally weird!:P

Very few things are better than cookies. The Doctor is one of them. But together? Indescribable.

#DoctorWhoChallenge Day 7: Favorite Season- Season 2. As much as I love Nine and Donna and the Ponds, I think Rose and Ten had the most fun roaming all of space and time together and made 2 my favorite season.

zentangle art | Zentangle | art | :: Zentangle & Zendoodle Patterns :: by Keunsup Shin

Characters in both HP and Dr. Who- I knew about Moaning Myrtle, The Doctor, Dobby, Dumbledore, Mr. Weasley, Filch, and Lly. Didn't know about the others though!

Art Deco Eleventh Doctor - art by Bill Mudron

Pin by Lorena Sauri on sketchbook | Pinterest

Danse Avec Moi "Dear Doctor... Dance with me." "I can't." "...There comes a time, Time Lord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance."

This would make an awesome poster