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Knitted ankle bells

I have been wanting to make some ankle bells for my sons for ages. So, armed with a groovy ball of wool and some bells I set to work. At the end of it I was pretty chuffed; My first knitting project was complete and I was surrounded by two foot stomping, jingly-jangly boys to …
  • Sharon Frisch

    To make your ankle bells you will need: ♥ Ball of wool ♥ Knitting needles ♥ Jingle bells (1.8mm) – I used five for each cuff ♥ Needle 1) To begin with you need to create a cuff to sew the bells onto. If you are a complete newbie to knitting then check out this pdf from The Little Experience. It’s very helpful. I also used this article at knitsimplemag. It’s very useful and explains how to knit cuffs. Cast on a multiple of 4 stitches plus 2 extra – I cast on 36 stitches but you may...

  • Shannon D

    What a grand idea!! What better of a way to know where the lil monsters are!! (Monsters = toddlers whom you love!) knitted jingle jangle ankle bracelets

  • Valencia Wynn

    Knitted ankle bells- crafting for kids

  • Cheryl Johnson

    Knit or Crochet Ankle bells for your traveling tot! : free knitting pattern. ------ So cute, you would know where your toddler

  • Zindy Amalia

    Product Idea: Homemade musical instruments: Ankle bells

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