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  • Joan Halbig

    Cat drawing from words "cute" and "kitty" - Amazing and unbelievable drawing of a cat made only from words "cute" and "kitty" -- cool art. *

  • Crap LOL

    My 16yo sister drew this. Everything you see is the word "kitty". Figured you guys would like this

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Would it be wrong to put my dog in a costume like this? I mean, any more wrong that it would be to put him in ANY costume at all?

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Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

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Like da ears? Da kitti got 'is very own KATFLAPS!

... My cat Pickles that is also a tuxedo cat and looks exactly like this does the exact same thing =)

Warm Kitty -- would love to be right by his side right about now.