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France-based company Drones Imaging integrates UAV imagery with 3D printer technology. Based on photogrammetric approaches, the integration of drone gathered images results in the building of 3D printed models for use in applications that include mining, building models, public works and other infrastructure activities. This approach results in digital data capture for use in collaborative …

French company Drones Imaging reminds of this with an innovative way to quickly and accurately generate models of landscapes. They& effectively using printing to revolutionize the very important science of Photogrammetry.

Unique 3D Printed Photographs Come to Life When Combined with Light http://3dprint.com/13856/3d-printed-photographs/

Remember the printed record? The creator of the algorithm that captured some of our favorite music, Amanda Ghassaei, is back with printed photographs.

Scanned with the Wamungo BeamBox 3D scanner

Tassilo Singhammer, scanned with the Wamungo BeamBox scanner

The Detail on This Tiny 3-Inch-Long 3D Printed Ship Will Amaze You http://3dprint.com/54161/3-inch-long-3d-printed-ship/

One Russian company, called Invent Prototyping, seems to have that answer –which depicted in a tiny inch)-long model ship, built on a very high quality industrial level printer.

In China, world's first successful 3D-printed shoulder and collar bone implant

Tessa's Weekly Picks - 3D Printed Titanium Medical Implants

In China, world’s first successful shoulder and collar bone implants - (Oh boy! I want one, to replace my titanium collarbone plate. Maybe it won't ache when the weather changes.

3D printed metal object #3dPrintedShapes

Spatial Test – Best Online Puzzles and Games

Makerbot: Daily Prints for learning different things based on what you're printing!

Nautilus Gears With Modified Bar, from Makerbot's education-focused Daily Prints

Tiny fully functional robots will be possible only when we assemble them from 3D printed “smart parts” with embedded electronics.

Tiny fully functional robots will be possible only when we assemble them from printed “smart parts” with embedded electronics.

Is 3D Printed Light Paper the Future of Lighting? #3DPrinting #Manufacturing #STEM

Is 3D Printed Light Paper the Future of Lighting?

Idaho-based startup Rohinni's goal is to enable the leading lighting option for endless applications. What they are developing is its Lightpaper, the world's thinnest LED lighting.