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nadiapayan: “ “A Christmas gift given to clients, suppliers and friends. The ‘Warm red’ Pantone chip becomes a gift box containing a bottle of ‘warming’ red mulled wine. The message printed on the.

As embalagens podem ser um fator decisivo na compra, então devem ter um design de qualidade, serem bonitas, funcionais e se destacar das concorrentes.

40 embalagens incríveis para aguçar sua criatividade

Musical Wine Glasses, Play Notes With the Tip of Your Finger!    BRILLIANT.

Musical Wine Glasses, Play Notes With the Tip of Your Finger

These Musical Wine Glasses play notes by running a finger along the rim of the glass. Gold lines on the glass correspond to the level of the liquid that cover a note octave from A flat to.

Naughty Beer

beer can lingerie "Russian designer, Ramm ND designed these Lingerie Cans. The cans look best when two are placed side-by-side – a clever marketing plan to get buyers to purchase more than one.

Rótulos de Vinhos

Rótulos de Vinhos Criativos

Who said that wine bottles and labels should look classic and boring? Here are some great ideas of creative design of wine bottles and labels. Who said that wine bottles and labels should

Rótulos de Vinhos Criativos | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

Rótulos de Vinhos Criativos

Logan Weemala Wine Collection faithfully represents its homeland. “Weemala” is…

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Cecilia Wines

Cecilia Wines design Mathematical formulas lay the foundation for a series of hearty Italian wines and their labels.

Os Simpsons em vinho

Os Simpsons em vinho

Marg & Homer Simpson and Pietre Mondrian inspired wine bottles designed by Constantin Bolimond