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Both storage shed and a green house. Perfect for storing your potting supplies and tools out of sight and a great space to grow your plants.

Passage vitrée vers la Bibliothèque Westmount - Montréal - glass transition to the library westmount

I don't like places that are humid, like this. But this is somewhat whimsical!

Greenhouse in the backyard...I want the rain barrel with spigot!

eco friendly greenhouse from recycled materials - how awsome would this be for a craft studio?

I'm thinking this is about what I would want to start off with

It's actually a greenhouse, but I'm thinking a little more broadly in its building it on the slope of a Montana mountain and looking up at the roof/ceiling to watch the snow fall in Winter and endless constellations in Summer.

Hidden walkways leading to hidden??? I still remember my Great Grandparents old house with a hidden little path opening into a small garden with a freestanding bench swing under a locust tree...

oversized bed, plenty of windows, tree right outside......perfect

Have a lean-to greenhouse! They have the advantage of getting some heat from your house in winter, either heat that would be lost, or if it is very cold, you could open windows into the greenhouse to let your house heating system heat it. Much simpler and less dangerous than any greenhouse heater. On warm sunny winter days, the greenhouse will actually add heat to your house. And Humidity. And Oxygen.