I am so confused. I mean, it shouldn't be any more offensive than boob cleavage. But...AAAAAAAAAH!

Its Hard To Not To Look SEXY ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

If you don't have chest cleavage to show off, show off your butt cleavage. LOL

Winning parents

But Which Is The Real One

This lady is a friend of my bosses wife in Utah

How To Build Big Butt Muscles and Strong Glutes for Junk in the Trunk Butt Shelf ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Something to consider. Ordinary men in underwear ads. Just like some men need to adjust their perception of feminine beauty, some women need to adjust how they define a perfect or sexy man.

I'm not drunk...haha

Solar light bulb. Brilliant!


rofl.. too funny.. these are chairs, not their butts showing! / I had to do a double take at 1st... looks real in the small pic!!!

This girl modeling a dress made out of cheese:

the shower cap really pulls this look together.

Are there words..?


LOL- plumber with a sense of humor I don't know what it says "butt" I'm still laughing!

this is so awkward