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I am so confused. I mean, it shouldn't be any more offensive than boob cleavage.  But...AAAAAAAAAH!

Butt Cleavage Dress

The Super Sexy Dress from Etsy shop LinaSpyroS can be best described, in our opinion, as a butt cleavage dress. This super sexy dress is made of synthetic

Did You Really Make That Cheese Dress? - NoWayGirl

The Cringiest Pictures You Will Ever See - at first I thought it was just a weird dress. Then I realized she is weird cheese squares.


Community - Schreiben, diskutieren, Freunde treffen

If you’re going to kick ass, you need kickass shoes. Shoe quotes on…

LangweileDich.net – Bilderparade CCCLXXXI - Bild 35

Caption and share the IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I HAVE TO WORK, James freaking sunshine no longer exists meme with the Angry Toddler meme generator. Discover more hilarious images, upload your own image, or create a new meme.

Bilder - german.china.org.cn - Gruselige Körperbemalungen einer japanischen Studentin

For her second tranche of work, Chooo-San painted lifelike zips, buttons and shoes laces to the skin of her willing friends to give the illusion they are bursting at the seams. This is a great optical illusion tat. The quality is amazing.

Shirt des Tages | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Shirt des Tages

Haha I love this guy! This is what life is all about! Being healthy and giving it your all no matter what your situation, NO EXCUSES!

Unfall oder Augenbraue? Diese 13 Werke willst du überarbeiten. Mit Edding.

Good advice: If you over-pluck your eyebrows, be sure to tattoo ivy sprigs in replacement, so nobody will notice. See your eyebrows weren't that bad

sweeeet Cheers senior-pictures :)

Inspirational Quote "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Zooey Deschanel. Wow, I have never heard a woman speak about being a woman better than this quote. - I need to allow myself to do this more. - Click image to find more quotes Pinterest pins

"I LOVE this quote. It is such a powerful description of being a woman, yes…but simply of being human. Feel it all around you. Don’t let others shush you because they don’t want to feel the aches and joys of the world." (quote by Zooey Deschanel)

ballerina dress... carrie bradshaw!

Happy Birthday to Sarah Jessica Parker. In light of a style icons birthday, I thought I would share my Carrie Bradshaw favorites today. Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) and Patricia Field.

"Here's my advice. Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas."

61 Things You Should Never Say To A Bartender

500 Days of Summer #quotes

Should probably rewatch this movie. It doesn't mean that live once shared wasn't true and real. It just mean that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart." - 500 Days of Summer

Taylor Swift is carrying on with her philanthropic work. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Wise words for my daughter! be the strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst. be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything, be that independent girl who didn't need a man; be that girl who never backed down