Photographer Roger Davies

pool [ my grandparents had a little guest house by the pool that they called the "cabana" & was my home for a couple of years after college. I'd like to live that way again. I think I'm supposed to be in the big house at my age but I'm not finding a lot of benefits to the big house, I think the cabana might be just about the right size. ]

Final cement colour and matt finish in backyard and courtyard. high polish finish in bathroom.

lap pool

Cabin in The Woods

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looks so comfy


Indoor Pool

Modern Outdoor Space


Great outdoor space.

Pool house

planete deco

guyfarris: mid-century modern home and pool

I want those glasses that you can switch on and off if you want to look through them or not.

55 Blair Road, Singapore by Ong & Ong Pte Ltd

Guest house....Or tiny house with a gorgeous backyard, pool and all! You'd have the money to spare to have one !

Old Spanish homes with white plaster and black Windows and doors. I would have put a large canopy/awning with iron posts above the lower door to add interest to that large black space between door and Windows.