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Barbara von Erlach (nee de Praroman of Freiburg) with daughters modeled (see image to the very bottom right, from the Spiez Shilling). Barbara was the wife of Altschultheiss Rudolf von Erlach, the patron of the Berner Schilling.

Portrait of Lady Wearing the Order of the Swan. c. 1490 - It seems that the fashion of Impresa has spread from Florence to Germany...Interesting

Scipione Pulzone, Portrait of Cristina di Lorena (Christine of Lorraine) Grand Duchess of Tuscany, b.1565 – d.1637

Two bands -- one separate around head, the other on the haube. -- Lucas Cranach the Elder German, 1472–1553 Portrait of a Lady, c. 1540

MASTER OF THE STALBURG PORTRAITS Portraits of Claus Stalburg and Margarethe vom Rhein 1504