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    If I were to wake up to this, I think I'd cry.

    • Jacki Belcher

      Let me find one like this..please.<3 I would give anything to find a guy like this:) I would give anything to wake up to a text message like this:) One of these days, one of these days...

    • Lyndsay Duplantis

      If I were to wake up to this I think I'd cry and another thing where are the guys that send these kinds of texts much less really feel this way???

    • Roxy Murphy

      Awww, how stinkin' cute. I used to wakeup to sweet text messages like this all the time. Now I get to hear the sweet things all day :-)

    • Sydney Morgan

      If I were to wake up to this(only instead of starbucks it was bojangles or hardees or one of my favorite sweets) I would seriously cry of overwhelming happiness and be forever grateful for these little things <3

    • Ƈℒϒℕℕ

      not funny, but a text thing. in reality. i would not like a guy to say things like this. it screams....cheesy, mushy, clingish weirdness. at least to me. if it melts your heart than power to you. but id just like a guy that is not like this...nice thought though. obviously he cares about her because starbucks is so expensive. haha

    • Amber Jarvis

      When my boyfriend used to send cute texts then he doesn't anymore > Relationships really suck lol

    • Ashley Mercado

      My boyfriend actually texts me these sweet things all the time! Well minus the Starbucks part! <3

    • LeAnn Scheiber

      The sweetest thing everrr! I <3 waking up to sweet texts.

    • Lauren Sharnsky

      quote text AND starbucks. KEEPER

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    I think a lot more people need someone to tell them this...



    yup, i want a boy like this.

    Adorable :)

    Awe. :)

    hahaha yess


    hahaha! I love it! i could cry this is so cute=P

    Love Me Some Jesus - Old Try - ´X°

    So me.

    it's the little things that make life beautiful.

    oh my goodness.. ♥



    I have this guy. He was so worth waiting for. =)


    Yes. Yes, he is.