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don't try and please everyone



Foam Run? Color Run? Mud Run? I say we stick to Liquor Store Runs. In a car. Makena Jameson Kailey Anderson

I love this. Find someone who is willing to give you everything, and someone you'd give everything to. But know that without anyone, you still have everything in the palm of your hands. The strongest power you possess is the ability to create for yourself, it'd be a shame to never learn it due to your surroundings.


One of my favorite moments. Grey's just isn't the same without McSteamy

It's true.


"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." -- Oprah Winfrey | Inspirational Quote | Lettering

Everything Happens For A Reason.



love this.

enjoy life

best advice ever!!!



Little More Time



20s something. I got some great times!