happy reindeer cupcakes

Reindeer cupcakes ears= pieces of tootsie rolls Rudolph nose= mini red m&m; muzzle= nilla wafer eyes= mini brown m&m;'s antlers= twist pretzels fur= chocolate buttercream frosting

Adorable Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes..Presentation Flying through a Mini Marshmallow Cloud..Adorable - Half Baked Harvest

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes

Christmas Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes are incredibly cute Christmas treat. Rudolph and his buddies could come to your home this Christmas.

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes

Chocolate Reindeer Cupcakes

Re-create Santa's sleigh with this cute, chocolatey cupcake recipe. Just be sure to save a red M&M for Rudolph, of course. Click through for the recipe and more Christmas cupcake recipes.

These reindeer sugar cookies are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! The gel icing dries hard enough that they’ll travel well. And ...

These reindeer cupcakes are SO EASY and fun to make! They'd be great for a school party, a Christmas potluck, or just as a fun treat to make with the kids when school's out! Shared by Career Path Design.


Christmas Polar Bear Cupcakes not a recipe, just a pic. must try and get my bear cupcakes to look this good next year.