Klukka búin til á töfluna með húlahring

My practicum student brought this activity in as a station during math game day and my students LOVED it. It also greatly improved their comprehension of "half past" an hour telling time.

FREE "It's About Time!" teaching tool!

Mr. First Grade used hoola hoops for Racing Around the Clock

Teach Telling Time with Classroom Clock

Clock Puzzles

fun way for your kids to learn how to tell time.

How easy and quick to make this math station? - ThingLink

love this idea! Have each child make one of these. Give each child a sheet with everyone's name on it. They walk around and ask their peers, "What time is it?". Without "telling", they simply show their watch. Times are recorded on the record sheet. When each child has "asked" everyone, meet back and check.

Laminate and have students use dry erase marker to write time on digital and analog clocks. Hold up for quick check. FREE!

Sun Clock

A trick to teach kids how to hold their pencil the correct way. Who knew?

cute clock numbers download!--these are the best ones I've seen:) Love the idea!

going to have something similar around our clock. And then we will never again answer "What time is it?" :)

Great Idea!

Free Clock Template

Math fun!

awesome way to teach fractions....include how to write the fraction in both number and word form!

Math Preschool and Kindergarten Bulletin Board Idea

Classroom Organization 102 | The Teaching Excellence Program

Venn Diagram using hoops for the Bulletin Board