beach meditation - DONE! at Puerto Galera :)




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People who meditate have a magnetic presence. Both science and the great wisdom traditions agree that meditation opens the heart and deepens compassion. It’s a major step toward healing traumatic wounds and resolving emotional issues including anxiety, abuse, depression, anger, substance abuse, and fear. And healing yourself is the surest road to deepening your connection and intimacy with others. It's an all around improver of the quality of one's life experience.

Wake up Yoga. Get your body moving.

running on the beach <3

Om.. I chant to feel the reverb of life running through my spirit

Would love to do this one day! I remember the amazing feeling of using core and balance :)

.. yoga ..


5 yoga poses to strengthen core, sculpt abs, and de-stress.

Energy Centers of the Body: Chakras from #trauma #ptsd #mind-body-spirit #healingchronichealthproblems #chakras


Morning Meditation

A moment of zen. And best friends. #westcoastadventure

the beach!