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That first one though.  XD  "Babe.  C'mon."

*on a very sunny day, human sits in the sunniest place they can find sunbathing* Vampire: *standing ten feet away inside* BABE! BABE WHY? PLEASE TALK TO ME // holly shit I already found johndave fanfiction about it


Girls really worry about this. This happens with my favorite jacket all the time ugh if girls have to worry about boners guys should have to worry about periods. Who agrees? Okok<---hahaha but I have that problem with my jeans as well.


THIS IS NOW A THING<<< I was actually in class and was on my phone and started laughing and my teacher was like Brianna are you okay and I just said uh Luigi! And my friend just stared at me and we laughed until the teacher told us to be quiet

Omg, this is perfect. God being frustrated by his OTPs. Angel fandoms. Tumblr users are hilarious.

MelodyJinx Luna: Does this mean that when the news talks about a percentage of an oncoming storm, its just a prediction of a ship war and if it happens some angel from the other fandom decided it was OK to cross THAT line. Thus its a ship war

I neED to know what happened after

an essay on my teacher i actually write stuff like this when i'm doing a rough draft omg .

There is one game that I don't know what's it's called but it's about a space ship and u need to survive the alien invasion. You can find in the sitting that you can turn on this feature and As a result I really sucked at that...

Can this be a thing you're gonna be a video game designer, PLEASE MAKE IT! "^That will cause more hatred than Mario Kart and Monopoly combined." SO TRUE, definitely will end friendships.

Oh Tumblr!

Oh Tumblr!

Soooo true

wildd brunette. on

And about of the time, the netflix and pizza wins out.I'm still that netflix and pizza girl.