• Liz Rhoda M

    I have flown in a helicopter a few times. I took one in Nnew Zealand, to get to the Fox Glacier. I went up with Barry. I rode in one from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and flew over and in the canyon Also tried to take one in Hawaii on the big island to see the Volcano. It took 3 days and by then it was but a small flow into the ocean.

  • Priscilla B.

    Ride in helicopter #beforeidie

  • Tanzila Sajid

    Over Niagara Falls or The Grand Canyon

  • Jennafina Brand

    Did Helicopter ride over New York City & The Grand Canyon - can cross this off my bucket list.

  • Ignacia Rivera

    Ride in a Helicopter/ Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die

  • Jessica Scott

    Bucket List: Ride in a Helicopter; preferably over Manhattan or another cool place

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