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it's just how it is.

Emma Swan and the awkward moment - ABC's Once Upon A Time (OUAT) I love this show! That awkward moment when that made sense.


Best OUAT and Beauty and the Beast combo ever <<< What a funny girl that Belle

I liked her with Neal and Graham but Hook is my favorite.

Once Upon A Time. Emma and her love interests. Neal and Swanfire, August. Graham and Gremma. Captain Hook and Captain Swan

Once Upon a Time Seasons 1-4 DVD Set

Once Upon a Time Seasons 1-5 Set on DVD

Once Upon a Time all the seasons on DVD. I also want them on iTunes

Awesome Lana on Kelly and Michael in NYC 2013

love how they seem so "regular people" like we could totally hang out! <--- they are regular people. They're just famous regular people

#OnceUponATime. "Prince Charming" doesn't start off that way. Love changes us all for the better. <3

Once Upon A Time ships ❤ Snowing Rumbelle OutlawQueen CaptainSwan


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Elf/Once Upon a Time meme

Once upon a time rumplestiltskin and peter pan and will ferel from elf two of the best movies/tv show EVER yas. ouat once upon a time