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Drawing into the the negative shape behind the hand. This will be a great example for a project. Consider planning this as a learning opportunity.

cat | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

it`s amazing how you don`t need to see the shape of the face

Sketch SOLD Graphite on Paper. There's something about these cropped half face close ups that I keep coming back Doc

"Love me and love my Dog," thou didst reply: "Love, as both should be lov'd.'' ''I will," said I. Sir John Harrington, from 'To His Wife For Striking Her Dog' (c.1600) | Photo:'charcoal' by Helle Jorgensen | (a very old quote! "love me love my........" defending our small friends; dogs, cats, birds or bunnies, since the 1600's. love is grand:-)

oops pinned w/o reading comment. love the idea though I think white would work the same way as regular charcoal and weirdly I have always preferred drawing white on a dark field instead of the norm...then again no one has ever accused me of being normal

Ryan Michael Bubnis Deze illustratie wordt bijna een dessin van veraf. Ergens is hij ook wel een beetje creepy, als je dichterbij komt zie je ineens allemaal mensjes die je aanstaren. Ik hou van vervreemdende beelden, dit is lieflijk maar toch vreemd.

A Pretty Face - Original Art- Charcoal Drawing by Ashley White Jacobsen (on Etsy)

very cool and quite simple in it's negative space!...Moon-City

The artist who painted this picture uses the background to create the profile of the face of the woman using only white and black colors.