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    pink fruit pattern with bananas and butterflies

    There are few people more influential in the world of animated gifs than Hungarian/German designer David Szakaly who has inspired legions of others to transform a digital image format into a form of artistic expression. See his pulsating, hypnotizing works on Colossal. www.thisiscolossa...

    Matthew DiVito – Animated GIF’s

    For the second time this week, my notion of what a GIF can be has been radically upended.

    // Animated Gifs 01 - Matthew DiVito // MOTION // GRAPHIC // DESIGN

    Candice Olson designed this linear graphic rug for Surya. (CAN-1998)

    Rocket panda Some of these animated gifs are so good.

    Call me Bronco.

    trippy triangle tree


    theonlymagicleftisart: (Tais Sirole) I like the individuality expressed by the body looking away from the viewer, the action f the hair, and the neon triangle to complete the piece. Composition shapes are important to the piece by emphasizing the focal spot of the visual message. #visual #art #digital #neon #geometric #design #graphics #photo #inspiration


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    Gif animation here:

    Google リーダー (1000+)

    Jennifer Sanchez

    As a curator for Design Envy, part of my task is to select a category for each post I do from a preset list. Where's the “Animated GIF” category, AIGA?! Huh?? Where is it!?! Oh well. I suppose David Dope’s completely tripped out animated GIFs fall just as well under “Motion Graphics,” “Experience Design” and “Design for Entertaining.” But anyways, back to the whole completely tripped out part...