The ideal storage temperature for potatoes is 40ºF, which is on the warm end of most home refrigerators, and they don’t like light, which can cause them to turn green. Basements or cellars usually provide perfect potato-storage conditions that will keep them from rotting for between 2 and 4 months. Keep them away from onions and apples, wherever you store them, as both emit gases that speed up the ripening process.

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(Works! My strawberries usually would last only a week, but after this they lasted 2.5!!) Cleaning fruit - fill sink with water, add 1 C. vinegar, mix. Add all fruit and soak for 10 minutes. Water will be dirty and fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film. Great for Berries too--keeps them from molding. will DEF have to try this!

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I do love potatoes...

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This is awesome! I am always trying to figure out how long food will stay good. This is a list of foods unopened, uncut or uncooked - unless stated otherwise - and their shelf life in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. :-) Found at:

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wonderful information about storing your harvest.

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