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Marc Jacobs... I very rarely pin menswear, but ooh la la, I want to put my husband into this ensemble!

Nice contrast - tweed vs bright colors

If I put this on I would seriously wonder if it was too much, but looking here, I think it's awesome.

Ernest Alexander wax utility tote, painted Bass Weejuns, Gant Rugger three-piece tweed suit. (Source:, via fecastleberry)

I don't usually pin men's fashion, but this is so fierce. Love my men in tweed.

Cashmere Glen Plaid Double Breasted Coat, Red Gloves. Men's Fall/Winter Fashion.

The J.Crew Ludlow Jacket. True story: I actually own everything in this picture. Oops.

The great thing about this combo is that it still looks good without the tie.

Didn't realize my tortoise shell horn rimmed sunglasses were becoming like a thing keep seeing them everywhere- so happy I bought them =]

Tweed is timeless. I think (hope) we will see a resurgence of timeless, tailored, crafted pieces in fashion and home decor.