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Great link to an LDS-style calculator that breaks it all down for you.. how much food do you need to store for your family for 1 year? If you are storing food, you need to check this out!

FREE printable: How to make your own personalized seed packets. #gardening #crafts #diy

Seed companies that are NON-Monsanto. GMO FREE SEEDS!!

Heirloom seeds of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Free catalog.

Free Seeds: How I got 19 Heirloom Varieties

At One Seed Chicago we provide free garden seeds to Chicagoans to help promote gardening at home and joining community gardens.

Support Your Local Farmer – 91 Monsanto GMO Free Seed Companies

70+ Free Seed and Plant Catalogs: Annie's Heirloom Seeds Catalog

Wow! Free seeds from WinterSown!

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I want to make this! DIY Furniture ~ build a produce food storage drying rack! Free plans from

Free Seeds from WinterSown.Org

Seed Saving Tips and Ideas • Great Tips and Tutorials! Including from 'grow real food', this great chart of seed saving tips!


How to save tomato seeds

Soaking seeds before planting is an “old time” gardener’s trick that many new gardeners are not aware of. When you soak seeds before planting, you can significantly decrease the amount of time it takes for a seed to germinate.

Free Seeds from Wintersown Seeds Wintersown is a non-profit organization that provides almost free samples of tomato seeds. They have well over 100 different varieties of tomatoes alone. All that is required to take advantage of this wonderful offer is to send Wintersown a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with their order form (that you print out) and they will send you your seeds.

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