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Canadian Familyfrom Canadian Family

A Cute and Easy Afternoon Snack: Fruit Fish

Child's cute, easy, and nutritious snack. I would just caution against giving hard, round foods (the carrots) to young children because of the danger of choking. Perhaps we could use a little orange wedge or something else instead. Very cute idea! #vegan #children @Brenna Fosteson I think you need to make these next!


Banana Dolphins in a Sea of Grapes

Kids will love these mini DOLPHIN SNACKS! Weird animals vbs :) Check out these other healthy snack ideas too:

Eats Amazingfrom Eats Amazing

Party Food - Garden Theme

Edible Butterflies: Celery sticks filled with spinach dip, pretzels for wings and raisins for eyes!

Taste of Homefrom Taste of Home

Scooter Snacks

Fun kid snack

Made To Be A Mommafrom Made To Be A Momma

10 Fun Toddler Lunches

Slice a 1cm piece off one side for the head. Slice a thicker one off the other side of the apple.Cut this piece in half (along core line). Slice each half into 4 legs. Cut off one of the remaining sides, should be about 2cm thick. Cut out V shapes. Slice down the middle to create the claws. Gauge to holes where the eyes are and slot in two apples seeds. Yum!


30 Healthy Kid Snack Ideas

School has already started in some places and healthy kid snack ideas are a great thing to have in your arsenal! These ideas are great year round, or for school lunches or for after school snacks. #healthy #snacks #kids #active #children #parenting