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  • Kathleen Jarvie

    James V was King of Scots from 1513 until his death, which followed the Scottish defeat at the Battle of Solway Moss. His only surviving legitimate child, Mary, succeeded him to the throne when she was just six days old. James was son of King James IV of Scotland and his queen Margaret Tudor, a daughter of Henry VII of England, and was the only legitimate child of James IV to survive infancy. His "favorite" mistress, Margaret Erskine, was my 12th great-grandmother through the Drummond line.

  • Rebecca Pattison

    Anonymous portrait of James V, probably contemporary King of Scots Reign 9 September 1513 – 14 December 1542 Coronation 21 September 1513 Predecessor James IV Successor Mary I Spouse Madeleine of Valois (1537) Mary of Guise (1538–42) children Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray Mary, Queen of Scots House House of Stewart Father James IV of Scotland Mother Margaret Tudor Born 10 April 1512 Linlithgowshire Died 14 December 1542 (30) Burial Holyrood

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Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, Sister of Henry VIII Portrait of Margaret Tudor (1489-1541) Queen of Scotland from 'Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth' after a portrait by Daniel Mytens (c.1590-1642),

James IV (1473 - 1513). King of Scotland from 1488 to his death in 1513. He is regarded as the most successful of the Stewart monarchs. He was last monarch of Scotland to be killed in battle. He died in the Battle of Flodden Field when he tried to invade England. He married Margaret Tudor and had four sons.

James I of Britain, son of Mary, Queen of Scots, grandson of Margaret Tudor

James V, King of Scotland, father of Mary, Queen of Scots, son of Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor spent her childhood at Sheen and at Eltham Palace, but was sent to Scotland at the age of thirteen to marry James IV following the 1502 Treaty of Perpetual Peace between England and Scotland. Margaret and James had been married by proxy on 25th January 1503 at Richmond Palace but married in person on 8th August 1503 at Holyrood Abbey. James IV and Margaret Tudor went on to have six children, including the future James V of Scotland, father of Mary Queen of Scots.

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, Daughter of Henry VII, Sister of Henry VIII

King James VI of Scotland inherited the kingship as an infant when Mary abdicated in 1567. Regents governed in his name during his minority, which ended in 1581. When Queen Elizabeth died childless in 1603, James VI of Scotland also became James I of England, uniting the crowns of the two countries for the first time in history.

Prince William lll, the later King Stadtholder William lll, as a boy (1650-1702) Prince of Orange from 1650, King of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1688

James V, King of Scotland, Son of Margaret Tudor, father of Mary, Queen of Scots, nephew of Henry VIII

Mary Queen of Scots, aged 19, in white mourning to mark the loss of three members of her immediate family within a period of 18 months. Her father-in-law Henry II died in July 1559; her mother Mary of Guise died in Scotland in June 1560; and in December of the same year her husband Francis II died. Mary, no longer Queen of France, returned to Scotland in August 1561.

family tree of Mary Queen of Scots. Why does this remind me of Harry Potter?

Mary Queen of Scots and her son James